The Best Castles Near Stuttgart

Ludwigslust Palace - best castles near Stuttgart

When you think of German cities, you likely imagine the bright lights and grandeur of cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt, yet, there are also a plethora of smaller, and equally charming cities, such as Stuttgart. Situated in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart is a small but enchanting metropolis that is perched upon the Neckar … Read more

Castles near Berlin

Whether you’re visiting Berlin on a weekend city break or are planning a more extensive tour of Germany, a trip to at least one of Berlin’s Prussian castle’s is a must! You might not realise it but Berlin and Brandenburg contain numerous historic castles dating back 1,000 years or more – Learn the history of the … Read more

Best Castles near Frankfurt

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Klopp-Castle

When you think of Frankfurt, you likely imagine impressive skyscrapers, a beautiful, modern skyline, and lots of German beer and sausages; however, a trip to Frankfurt is much more than this alone, as on the city’s outskirts lies a series of incredible castles, ranging from the Medieval period, all the way to the nineteenth-century revival … Read more

Best castles near Munich

Castles near Munich-Neuschwanstein-Castle

If you want to see some fairytale castles whilst you’re visiting Munich, you’re in luck! Not only does Munich contain the castle that inspired Walt Disney but it also has the longest castle in the world. Discover the history of the monarchs of Bavaria as you admire the fairytale castles, the Medieval fortresses, and all … Read more

Best Castles in Germany

German Castles Neuschwanstein-Castle

Well known for being the country containing fairytale-like castles that sit atop mountains, Germany also has castles located on islands, despite it being a landlocked country! From hill castles to water castles, here are some of the best ones to visit. 40 Famous German castles to visit 1. Ahrensburg Castle This picturesque white castle, located … Read more

Burg Eltz, famous castle in Germany

Castles in Germany Eltz-Castle

Germany is known for beautiful castles. Many have crumbled over time due to wars, weather, or neglect. But Burg Eltz still stands as a monument to Germany’s rich heritage of counts and prince-electors. This magical medieval castle with its red-painted timber, towers, and bays is unlike any other in Germany. Its beauty has even been … Read more

The fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein-Castle fairytale castle in Germany

Νestled in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle, or Schloss Neuschwanstein in German, is one of the most famous and most photographed castles in the world. This iconic castle was built by Bavaria’s “fairytale king,” Ludwig II, to withdraw from public life after he lost his power in the Austro-Prussian war. The castle … Read more