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Castles in Scotland EDINBURGH-CASTLE

Scotland is home to a near-endless list of castles. Many lie in ruins, mere shadows of their impressive former structures, though no less fascinating to explore. Others, though, have been carefully and expertly restored to resemble the magnificent structures they once were, both inside and out. These castles aren’t just for tours either – many … Read more

Best Castle Hotels in Scotland

In a country like Scotland, with its rich and romantic history of kings, queens, clans, and battles, you’d be surprised at how many castles are still standing in this beautiful land. Many have been reduced to ruins, but just as many have been restored to their former glory. As a visitor, you can even stay … Read more

A Guide to Doune Castle in Scotland – Outlander Filming Location

Doune Castle or Castle Leoch

Standing 8 miles north-west of the town of Stirling in Scotland, Doune Castle is a medieval fortification on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Reaching its present form in the late 14th century, Doune reflects contemporary ideas of what a royal castle should be, with ranges of buildings surrounding a central courtyard. The castle saw … Read more

Best Airbnb Castle Stays in Scotland

Scotland is home to not only one of the most spectacular wildernesses in Europe but the entire world. This beautiful country boasts legendary lochs, soaring mountains, and wide-open landscapes that are a delight for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Not to mention rich history and culture too. While some tourists would be eager for an … Read more

Campbell Castles in Scotland

Kilchurn Castle

The Campbell Clan are a Scottish highland clan with large landholdings in Argyll, and they were once one of the largest and most powerful highland clans. Clans are Scottish kinship groups ruled by chiefs, with a shared identity and descent – although clan leadership was often hereditary, the clan itself was made up of unrelated … Read more

English Royal Palaces

Even if you aren’t British, you probably enjoy having a glimpse into the lives of the British royal family. When Prince Harry married Megan Markle, there were almost 28 million viewers in the United Kingdom, and even more in the United States! When there is no royal wedding to tune in for, you can entertain … Read more

Castles in Argyll

Best Scottish Castles Castle-Stalker

The county of Argyll is split up into north and south and covers 23 islands, as well as some of the Scottish mainland. Argyll is known as Scotland’s adventure coast, boasting activities such as the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail, the Cowal Way Walking Trail, and countless opportunities to see local wildlife such as eagles, deer, … Read more

Best Castles in Fife County

Falkland Palace in Fife

Known as the Kingdom of Fife, this county lies north of the Firth of Forth and the Scottish capital Edinburgh. Home to the monarchs of Scotland for more than 500 years, it has a strong identity that differs from the rest of the country. Not only was this the home of Scottish monarchs, but also … Read more