Airbnb Castle Stays in Ireland


With rich culture and history, friendly and welcoming people, and legendary nightlife, the picture-perfect Emerald Isle is a stunning place for a vacation. However,…

Dromore-Castle in Kerry

Castles in Kerry County


Located in the southwest corner of Ireland, County Kerry is one of the most evocative regions of the Emerald Isle. The county encapsulates everything…

Huntington Castle Carlow

Castles in Carlow County


Part of the Ancient East, Carlow mixes natural beauty with rich history. Its buildings reach far further back than its monasteries, medieval castles, and…

Rockfleet Castle in county Mayo

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According to the Irish Times, Westport in County Mayo is the best place to live in Ireland. A favourite of the Irish and foreign…

Johnstown Castle - Castles in Wexford

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The southeast corner of Ireland is where the Viking’s founded Ireland’s first major town, and that’s just a snapshot of County Wexford’s fascinating history….

Parke's Castle near Leitrim

Castles in Leitrim


Ireland’s least populated county, Leitrim is the perfect way to get off the beaten track and discover an authentic and untamed side of the…