Best Castles near Salzburg

The Austrian city of Salzburg is an impressive and irresistible mix of a bustling environment with typical city amenities like shops, restaurants, and bars, though catch a glimpse between the winding narrow streets, and you will see gorgeous mountains peeking through, and you are subtly reminded of your presence in the unbeatable alpine landscape. Salzburg, … Read more

The Best Castles Near Vienna

Vienna, Austria’s capital city, is undoubtedly, and indisputably, one of Europe’s most charming and irresistible cities, with its enchanting Baroque streets, imperial architecture and thriving artistic and musical atmosphere, it has a rich and exciting heritage that attracts a plethora of visitors every single year. Though many visitors are encapsulated by the city’s incessant hustle … Read more

Best Castles in Austria

Best castles in Austria-Burg-Heidenreichstein

Austria is full of castles, fortresses, and palaces making it a delightful country to explore whether you’re a bit of a culture vulture who seeks guided tours around the staterooms of Baroque palaces or you prefer solo hiking expeditions up to forgotten Medieval ruins with views that take your breath away. With so many to … Read more