Castles of Sintra

Pena palace - castles near Lisbon

Sintra is an enchanting Portuguese city, just an hour away from Lisbon. It has been one of the most visited cities in Portugal for the last couple of years due to its interesting tourist attractions. From ancient castles to extravagant palaces, Sintra has it all. The city is known for its unique Romanticism architectural style, … Read more

Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal

best castles in Europe - Pena Palace Portugal

Pena Palace is one of the must-visit attractions in Portugal. This stunning bright yellow castle sits on a hilltop in the Sintra Mountains. It is easy to take a day trip from Lisbon to Sintra to visit the Pena Palace. A Guide to Pena Palace in Sintra Exploring Pena Palace: History of Pena Palace Pena … Read more

Best Castles in Portugal

best castles in Europe - Pena Palace Portugal

The magnificent country of Portugal has a rich and fascinating past; it offers a unique mix of cultures and architectural styles, which makes it the perfect location for visitors with an interest in history, amazing food and drink, as well as castles; Portugal is full to the brim of wonderful castles, ranging from the Moorish … Read more