Burg Eltz, famous castle in Germany

Germany is known for beautiful castles. Many have crumbled over time due to wars, weather, or neglect. But Burg Eltz still stands as a monument to Germany’s rich heritage of counts and prince-electors.

This magical medieval castle with its red-painted timber, towers, and bays is unlike any other in Germany. Its beauty has even been said to rival that of Germany’s most famous castle, Neuschwanstein. It’s nestled into the hills above the Mosel River between Trier and Koblenz in the town of Wierschem.

Burg Eltz

About the Mighty Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz stands on a 70-meter-high rock surrounded on 3 sides by the stream Eltzbach. It’s one of the only 3 medieval castles still intact on the left bank of the Rhine River. Construction on Burg Eltz began in 1157 and was completed nearly 500 years later.

What makes Castle Eltz particularly interesting, is that is has been owned by the same family for 33 generations, for nearly 850 years, and is still owned and upkept by the Eltz family today.

Up until 1815, the castle was owned by concurrently by 3 different branches of the Eltz family; the Kempenich, Rübenach and Rodendorf branches.

In 1815, it was taken over exclusively by the Kempenich branch. During the 19th century, Count Karl zu Eltz, began the restoration of his ancestral home.

His heirs have been managing the costly upkeep of the castle. Because the caretaker and members of the Kempenich family still occupy one-third of the castle, the tour only takes visitors through the Rübenach and Rodendorf sections of the castle.

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Burg Eltz Germany

Things to know before you go to Burg Eltz

Castle Eltz was built to function as a real home and defensive fortification, so unless you know where to look, it will be hard to find! It’s is hidden deep in the forest, so getting there will take a little more navigating, and hiking, than your average castle.

How to get to Burg Eltz from Frankfurt

By train

You can take the train from Frankfurt to Burg Eltz. You’ll first have to train from Frankfurt Hbf to Koblenz Hbf. From Koblenz, complete the route outlined below.

By car

Burg Eltz is 148km, and about 1 hour and 50 drive time, by car from Frankfurt. Take A3 towards Köln to A48 towards Koblenz, and then take exit 8. Follow the signs to Burg Eltz.

Address: Burg Eltz 1, Wierschem, Germany

Google maps is the best way to navigate the route.

By a day trip

If you’re staying in Frankfurt and don’t want to navigate public transportation or Germany’s autobahns on your own, you can arrange for a day trip to see Burg Eltz.

Click here for more information and book a trip to see Eltz Castle from Frankfurt.

Burg Eltz

How to get to Burg Eltz from Koblenz:

By train

On weekends and German holidays, from 1 May until the end of October, you can reach Castle Eltz solely by using public transportation. Take the train from Koblenz to Hatzenport or Treis-Karden on the Moselle and from there take the Burgenbus 330 (Castle Bus) to Eltz Castle car park.

Trains run daily, on the hour, from Koblenz to Moselkern Station and the journey takes about 30 minutes. From Moselkern Station, you’ll either have to hire a taxi or keep going on foot. The 5km hike takes about 90 minutes.

By car

Only 36 km and 33 minutes by car, reaching Burg Eltz by car from Koblenz is a breeze. Take A48 towards Trier/Köln/Ludwigshafen and take exit 8. Follow the signs to Burg Eltz.

Address: Burg Eltz 1, Wierschem, Germany

Google maps is the best way to navigate the route.

By boat

You can take one of the Mosel river cruise boats from Koblenz and hop off at either Moselkern or Karden and hike the rest of the way or hire a taxi. On weekends and holidays, you can take the 330 bus from Karden.

Once you arrive in Burg Eltz


You can take the shuttle from the car park to Eltz Castle for 2 euro. The bus picks up at the barrier next to the Antonius Chapel and drops off right in front of the castle.


One of the best ways to approach the castle is by hiking there. The views as you approach it are simply stunning. There are 2 different routes you can take to hike to the castle. Both start at the Eltz Castle car park and take you through the Eltz Forest:

  1. The private road (800m, takes about 10 minutes)

This shorter, but steeper route uses the same paved road as the shuttle bus. It is also the only method of walking that is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

  1. The footpath (1.3k, takes about 15 minutes)

This unpaved trail takes you on a gentle descent toward the castle. Views along this trail are spectacular.

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Buying Tickets

Ticket for Burg Eltz can only be bought on-site at the Ticket Sales Desk at the base of the castle.

Cost of Admission

10 euro per person

Opening Hours

Daily from 09:30-17:30

The castle is only open for guided tours from 1 April-3 November. You can still visit the castle grounds the rest of the year, you just won’t be permitted to go inside.

During the summer months, queues can get very long. Your best bet is to arrive early to beat the crowds.


Tours of the castle are offered in German, English, French, and Dutch. Tours generally run every 15-20 minutes and last up to 40 minutes. The tour brings visitors through beautifully appointed rooms filled with original furnishings, artwork, and more. Unfortunately, photos are not permitted inside the castle.

The Treasury is included in with all admissions and can be visited without a tour with a valid ticket anytime between 09:30 and 18:00.  Treasury exhibits are labelled in German, but you can get a handout with the descriptions in other languages for free.

Castle Gastronomy

Since Castle Eltz is somewhat isolated, you’ll be glad to know that there are two restaurants on-site. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a meal in the shade of this gorgeous castle. Both restaurants serve up traditional German fare to include snacks and drinks to full meals.

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