Best Norman Castles in England

When William, Duke of Normandy, landed on the East Sussex coast on 28th September 1066 with a fleet of 700 ships containing an army, he changed the course of English history forever. Going on to win the Battle of Hastings against King Harold just days later, William the Conqueror, as he became known, built a series … Read more

Castles in Northern England

For people in England, it is a proud badge to be a northerner. However, in a fierce debate over the north-south divide, no one can really agree on where the north is! The likes of Manchester and Liverpool are easily in the north, but when it comes to Birmingham, who knows? Northern England has some … Read more

English Royal Palaces

Even if you aren’t British, you probably enjoy having a glimpse into the lives of the British royal family. When Prince Harry married Megan Markle, there were almost 28 million viewers in the United Kingdom, and even more in the United States! When there is no royal wedding to tune in for, you can entertain … Read more

Royal Palaces in London

Buckingham Palace - British Royal Residences

Over the past two millennia, London has witnessed dramatic historical events and some of the most interesting royal families you’ll come across in European history books. With so much history, culture, and global influence, it’s no wonder that London is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Among the huge variety of London attractions, many … Read more

Tudor Castles and Palaces

The Tudor period, which lasted from 1485 through to 1603, saw an enormous amount of change in the form and function of the castle. At the start of the period, traditional Medieval castles were falling into disrepair, and could not hope to withstand attack from newly developing gunpowder artillery – the 12th century Cahir Castle, … Read more

William the Conqueror Castles

William the Conqueror was the Norman duke who captured the crown of England in 1066, ending Anglo-Saxon kingship on the island and ushering in a new age of feudal society imported from continental Europe. Not only did this change bring a system of societal organisation based on land ownership and obligatory service, but it also … Read more

A Guide to Dover Castle in England

This is a guest post by Ann Kelly of The Road is Life Perched upon the spectacular White Cliffs of Dover, overlooking the English Channel is the magnificent 800-year-old Dover Castle. One of Britain’s most important and strategically placed fortresses, Dover Castle has played a significant role in defending England since the 11th century! Take … Read more

A Guide to Bamburgh Castle in England

Castles in England Bamburgh Castle

This is a guest post by Jamie Anderson from Travel Addict The northeast of England, especially Northumberland, is home to many beautiful and famous castles; from the film featured Alnwick Castle, to the medieval and ruined Warkworth Castle and the charming island-based Lindisfarne Castle. The most impressive of the Northumberland Castles is certainly Bamburgh Castle. … Read more