Xativa Castle in Valencia, Spain

Located on a beautiful, imposing mountain above the town of Xàtiva, 34 miles south of Valencia, Xàtiva Castle predates Roman times. Technically, there are in fact two castles, known respectively as the “Menor” ( minor) and the “Major”. They extend from east to west, perched across the top of the magnificent mountain, and are linked … Read more

Alcazar of Segovia, A day trip to Segovia’s Castle

Alcazar of Segovia - Virtual Castle tours

About an hour north of Madrid, and strategically placed high on a plateau between two rivers in Spain’s Castile and Leon region, stands the Alcazar de Segovia. The Alcazar, which means palace or fortress in Arabic, is one of Spain’s most dazzling and romantic royal residences. It even served as inspiration for Walt Disney when … Read more

The Best Castles near Madrid

Madrid, one of Europe’s most famous and easily recognizable cities, and also Spain’s capital, is a cultural, artistic, and culinary hub, with an endless number of galleries to spend an afternoon exploring, eateries offering tempting treats and local delicacies to indulge in, and an abundance of live events, nightlife, and friendly, welcoming locals. Yet, step … Read more

Best Castles Near Barcelona

The Spanish metropolis of Barcelona is one of the finest cities in the entirety of Europe, and it is adorned with centuries worth of fascinating history, outstanding architecture, and rich culture like nowhere else in the world. Seamlessly combining the old with the new, the buzz of city life with the calm of the coast, … Read more

Best Castles in Spain

Castles in Spain Coca-Castle

Spain’s turbulent history has resulted in a multitude of hilltop fortresses ranging from extravagant fairytale-like palatial palaces to oppressive military fortresses and, of course, the architectural delights of the Moorish Alcazars. With roughly 2,500 castles to explore, whether they stand in near-perfect preservation or are now just atmospheric ruins, here are some of the best … Read more