The Best Castles near Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf – the German financial hub that seamlessly merges business and modernity with artistic endeavours, buzzing nightlife and entirely creative architecture. The city itself is enchanting, and has so much to offer, with its historical quarter, the Rhine, and its plethora of traditional bars; yet, outside the centre lies a string of historic castles, that … Read more

Castles near Cologne

Schloss Drachenburg - castles near Cologne

Cologne, or locally referred to as ‘Koln’ is one of Germany’s less prominent cities, but is nonetheless a hidden gem that has an abundance of treasures to offer, both in its center, and further outside of its center. The city itself is bursting with layers and centuries of history, ranging from an ancient Roman wall, an … Read more

The Best Castles Near Stuttgart

Ludwigslust Palace - best castles near Stuttgart

When you think of German cities, you likely imagine the bright lights and grandeur of cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt, yet, there are also a plethora of smaller, and equally charming cities, such as Stuttgart. Situated in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart is a small but enchanting metropolis that is perched upon the Neckar … Read more

The best Rhine river castles

Castles in Rhine-Katz-Castle

The Rhine is Germany’s longest river by far, flowing for 690km it is divided into the Alpine, High, Upper, Middle, and Lower Rhine with hundreds of charming castles built overlooking and alongside its banks, many of them dating from the 12th-14th centuries with a fantastic mix of ruins and 19th century Romanticism makeovers. The Upper Middle Rhine … Read more

Castles near Berlin

Whether you’re visiting Berlin on a weekend city break or are planning a more extensive tour of Germany, a trip to at least one of Berlin’s Prussian castle’s is a must! You might not realise it but Berlin and Brandenburg contain numerous historic castles dating back 1,000 years or more – Learn the history of the … Read more

Best Castles near Frankfurt

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Klopp-Castle

When you think of Frankfurt, you likely imagine impressive skyscrapers, a beautiful, modern skyline, and lots of German beer and sausages; however, a trip to Frankfurt is much more than this alone, as on the city’s outskirts lies a series of incredible castles, ranging from the Medieval period, all the way to the nineteenth-century revival … Read more

Best Castles in Bavaria, Germany

Best castles in Bavaria-Hohenschwangau Castle

One of the most important historic regions of Germany, Bavaria is home to dozens of spectacular medieval fortresses, sumptuous palaces, and eclectic castles. Steeped in history and legend and set in areas of gorgeous natural beauty, these places have inspired imaginations all over the world. Many sit perched high above historic little towns as they … Read more

Best castles near Munich

Castles near Munich-Neuschwanstein-Castle

If you want to see some fairytale castles whilst you’re visiting Munich, you’re in luck! Not only does Munich contain the castle that inspired Walt Disney but it also has the longest castle in the world. Discover the history of the monarchs of Bavaria as you admire the fairytale castles, the Medieval fortresses, and all … Read more