A Guide to Stolzenfels Castle

Stolzenfels Castle in Germany

Standing not far from Koblenz on the left bank of the Rhine river in Germany, Stolzenfels is a medieval castle constructed in the 13th century, which was later reconstructed into a palace as part of the 19th-century Gothic revival which swept across Europe. Visiting Stolzenfels Castle On the Rhine History of Stolzenfels Castle Like many … Read more

A Guide To Cochem Castle in Germany

Cochem Castle in Germany

Towering over the Mosel valley in western Germany, the Imperial castle at Cochem is an intimidating fortification, part of a series of hill castles that controlled trade in the region. The original Romanesque castle was badly damaged during the Nine Years’ War, before later being reconstructed into the spectacular Neo-gothic structure that we see today. … Read more

A guide to Rheinfels Castle, Germany

Rheinfels Castle Germany

Rheinfels Castle is a medieval ruin located above the town of St. Goar on the western bank of the River Rhine in Germany. Originally constructed in 1245, the castle underwent several expansions which saw it become the largest fortress in the middle-Rhine before it was ruined at the end of the 18th century. Today Rheinfels … Read more

A Guide to visiting Marksburg Castle, Germany

Marksburg Castle Germany

Standing above the town of Braubach on the banks of the river Rhine, Marksburg Castle is an imposing defensive fortification. The castle was not only used to defend the surrounding countryside but was also useful in controlling the trade that passed through the region via roads and the river. Of the 40 castles in the … Read more

Best Castle Hotels in Germany

Best Castle hotels in Germany

When you think of European castles, you probably immediately think of quaint medieval towns in the Bavarian countryside. While Bavaria certainly has its share of castles, there are many more situated across all of Germany that are worth exploring. But why only explore a castle when you can spend the night in one? Some of … Read more

Ludwigsburg Palace, Germany

Also known as Schloss Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg Palace is an enormous palace complex situated in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. Consisting of 452 rooms spread across 18 buildings, the palace sits in a 79-acre estate featuring lush gardens, making it the largest palatial estate in Germany. As a result, it has been nicknamed ‘the Versailles of Swabia’. … Read more

10 Castles near Dresden

Moritzburg Castles near Dresden

Dresden is the capital city of the German state of Saxony, and today it is the second-largest city in Saxony and the twelfth-largest in Germany. In 1270 the city became the capital of the margraviate of Meissen, a major principality of the medieval Holy Roman Empire, ruled by the Wettin dynasty, who constructed many castles … Read more

Heidelberg Castle in Germany

Hedelberg Castle in Geramny

A guest post by Sharon Odegaard of Exploring Our World Iconic Heidelberg Castle, high above the banks of the Neckar River in Germany, keeps watching on the town of Old Heidelberg spread out below. The sprawling red sandstone castle dates to the 13th century and once was one of the grandest palaces of Europe. Set … Read more