Best Castles in Europe

French Castles Chateau de' Chambord

Europe is one of the most diverse continents on the planet with regard to food, language, culture, and more; yet, it is also incredibly diverse with its range of castles and their various architectural styles and histories. This list will present the 50 best castles in the whole of Europe, providing the highlights of each … Read more

18 Spectacular Castles on a Cliff

Many castles take advantage of natural features of the local landscape in which they are built in order to increase their defensive power – some are built on lakes and islands, and others use rivers to act as moats. However, perhaps the most spectacular natural feature that castles are built on is cliffsides and clifftops. … Read more

Star Forts

Bourtange-fortress - star forts

Star forts were powerful fortifications designed to resist gunpower siege weaponry, that developed in the very late medieval and early modern period. Despite their thick stone walls and towers, earlier medieval castles were unable to withstand gunpowder cannons, which were increasingly being used against castles throughout Europe to great effect. Cahir Castle in Ireland, a … Read more

Best Medieval Castles in Europe

Famous Medieval Castles Hunyadi-Castle

From Slovakia to Switzerland, Wales to Warsaw, Poland, Europe is home to thousands of Medieval castles and fortresses, whether they look like they came straight out of a romantic fairytale or now stand in dramatic ruin. Culture vultures are spoilt for choice on where to learn more about our history, whether admiring the views from … Read more

Largest Castles in the World

European Castles Malbork-Castle

How do you identify the largest castles in the world? Not everybody agrees on what constitutes a castle, and it can be difficult to decide how to measure size. For our list, we’ve included all buildings and the entire castle grounds in each castle complex. We’ve included castles in eastern and western Europe, the middle … Read more

Oldest Castles in the World

Warwick Castle is one of the oldest castles in the world

There is something truly thrilling about visiting a castle built an entire millennium ago. If you are a castle enthusiast, it is particularly exciting to know you are walking across stone laid as early as the 10th or 11th century! Even if you cannot visit in person, you might be inspired by this list of … Read more

Types of Castles

Across Europe, in the medieval period, there were a huge number of different kinds of castles, with a very wide variety of form and function – from the simplest wooden defensive construction to grand stone fortifications designed to hold territory and boost the prestige of powerful lords and monarchs. However, despite the dizzying diversity in … Read more

Medieval Castle Layout

Medieval castles served as both fortresses and luxurious homes for nobility. While we often define castles primarily in terms of fortification and defense from enemies, lords, and ladies lived in them during times of peace and safety as well. In order to provide stiff defence but also allow nobility to carry out their daily lives … Read more