Best Castles near Galway

Galway, the charming Irish city that is a thriving artistic and cultural hub, offering bold and colourful traditional pubs and a constant stream of live bands playing; dotted about the city’s outskirts also lie some of the best castles in the entirety of Ireland, that makes for the perfect day trip. This list will highlight … Read more

Best Castles Near Limerick

Limerick, the bustling city in the south of Ireland is a wonderful and vibrant place to visit; it has an array of cultural sites that are just waiting to be explored, including its plethora of historic castles, that are dotted about the vast countryside. Its historic and cultural importance has charmed visitors for years, and … Read more

The Best Castles Near Belfast

Though the Northern Irish city of Belfast has had a turbulent and troubled history, it has nonetheless proven itself as a thriving and culturally rich hub over recent years and is a growingly popular tourist destination. The city is famous for being the location where the infamous Titanic ship was constructed, and it remains inextricably … Read more

Best Castles in Northern Ireland

Best Northern Irish Castles-Belfast-Castle

Boasting dramatic landscapes and 2,000 years of history, the castles and country houses of Northern Ireland are a sight to behold. With over 40 castles to see in Northern Ireland, we have picked out the best ones – From medieval ruins to Game of Thrones film locations and a working Royal residence, there’s a castle … Read more

Best Castles near Dublin

Famous castles near Dublin-Malahide-Castle

Ireland is said to be home to 30,000 castles but you don’t have to wander far from Dublin (if at all) to get your fix of history whether you’re exploring Medieval ruins or Georgian/Victorian Country Homes. Learn the history of Dublin as you explore ruins, period rooms, picturesque gardens and stunning scenery whether you’re looking … Read more

Haunted Castles in Ireland

Famous haunted castles-Dunguaire-Castle

Although a small country, Ireland has a tumultuous and incredibly rich history attested by over 30,000 thousand castles. Besides their scenic locations amid gorgeous green landscapes, Irish castles have something special that differentiates them from other, more famous European castles, which is that many of them are haunted. No better thing can incite the visitors’ … Read more

Best Castles in Ireland

Castles in Ireland The-Rock-of-Cashel

It’s said that there are more than 30,000 castles in Ireland which is slightly mind-boggling! That’s why we have come up with a list of the best castles in Ireland. These include the most intact and well-known such as Dublin Castle and Blarney Castle (home of the Blarney Stone) which simply can’t be missed, plus … Read more