Best Castles near Frankfurt

When you think of Frankfurt, you likely imagine impressive skyscrapers, a beautiful, modern skyline, and lots of German beer and sausages; however, a trip to Frankfurt is much more than this alone, as on the city’s outskirts lies a series of incredible castles, ranging from the Medieval period, all the way to the nineteenth-century revival era of Gothic ideas and artistic visions.

This list will provide you with a selection of the best castles near the German city of Frankfurt, which acts as the perfect base for exploring further afield.

Top tips and highlights of each castle will be noted, as well as practical information, such as the location and opening times, etc.

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Map of Castles Near Frankfurt

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How to Get Around Frankfurt

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The Best 29 Castles to Visit Near Frankfurt

1. Saalburg Roman Fort

Castles near Frankfurt-Saalburg-Roman-Fort

Situated a mere 30 minutes away from the bustling metropolis of Frankfurt lies the wonderful Saalburg Roman Fort; it is nestled in the gorgeous Taunus mountains and feels like a world away from the skyscrapers of the city.

Jump back 2000 years in time to this incredible frontier of the Roman Empire, and experience some of Europe’s earliest history.

Though the fort and its main gate were rebuilt about 100 years ago, there are still many Roman village ruins, which give a sense of authenticity to the reconstructions; it is the perfect place to visit with children.

Where: Saalburg
When: Roman era, but renovated 100 years ago
Style: Ancient Rome
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

2. Schloss Johannisburg

Best castles near Frankfurt-Schloss-Johannisburg

This brilliant castle, with a vast and eventful history, is one of the most interesting sites in the close vicinity of Frankfurt.

Located in Aschaffenburg by the River Main, this incredible four-winged complex was built between the years 1605 and 1614 and represents the prime of the German Renaissance.

At the end of the 18th century, the interior was renovated under the Neoclassical style to fit contemporary ideals, and remnants of this era are still visible today.

The castle also offers a vast art gallery with works by famous German artists and has a lot to offer visitors with all types of interests.

Where: Aschaffenburg
When: 1605 – 1614
Style: Renaissance
Open for visit: Yes. Check here for more information.

3. Auerbach Castle

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Auerbach-castle

One of several fortifications along the Bergstrasse in the southern part of Hesse, which is only a short trip from Frankfurt, lies the Auerbach Castle.

It was originally built by King Charlemagne, who was the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and was rebuilt by Count Diether IV of the Katzenelnbogen dynasty towards the end of the 13th century.

This is the perfect place to spend a day, as there are many frequent knight tournaments, re-enactments, and medieval games that take place at the castle, which give visitors a real sense of history, and it is ideal for children and adults alike.

Where: Auerbach
When: 13th century
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, for more information, check here.

4. Castle Diez

Castles near Frankfurt-Castle-Diez

Castle Diez truly feels like something that has jumped straight out of a fairy tale – designed in traditional German architecture and towers above the town of Diez below.

The castle itself is from the late Middle Ages and is now used as a youth hostel.

Though there is not a huge amount to do in the castle itself, the town of Diez itself is a world away from the hustle and bustle and fast-paced life of Frankfurt; it has narrow streets and gorgeous alleyways, as well as an abundance of traditional German bars and restaurants, and is the perfect place to experience some authentic culture.

Where: Diez
When: Middle Ages
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Not open to the general public – used as a youth hostel.

5. Castle Steinau

Best castles near Frankfurt-Castle-Steinau

Unlike many castles in Germany that date back to the Renaissance era and are either authentically old or based on Medieval ideals, Castel Steinau is a memorial to the fairy tale authors, Brothers Grimm.

Originally built in the year 1525, and has been the residence of nobility, the castle is very iconic and beautiful; the castle is dedicated to the Brothers Grimm as it truly captures the fairy tale charm and mystery that is attached to their writings, and visitors today are enchanted and drawn in by its unique appeal.

Where: Steinau
When: 1525
Style: Gothic/fairy tale
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

6. Rheinfels Castle

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Rheinfels-Castle

Located above the west bank of the Rhine, Rheinfels Castle was built in the year 1245 by Count Diether V of Katzenelnbogen. This is the largest castle that overlooks the Rhine and was historically significantly larger than it is today, and even today it is huge and expansive!

Today, there is a fantastic castle museum which is located in the former castle chapel, which interestingly the only finished room of the very original castle; this is a perfect place to visit for the day and is not too far from Frankfurt.

Where: Rhine
When: 1245
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Check here for more information.

7. Castle of Montabaur

Castles near Frankfurt-castle-of-Montabaur

First mentioned in the year 859 under the different name of ‘Humback’, Montabaur Castle is one of Germany’s most historically rich and fascinating castles.

The castle served as the residence of the Electors and Archbishops of Trier until 1802 when it was passed into the possession of the Duchy of Nassau-Weilburg.

Today, the castle is a wonderful four-star hotel called Hotel Schloss Montabaur and is the perfect place to escape to for a night from the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt.

Where:  Montabaur
When: 859
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Not open to the public.

8. Wertheim Castle

Best castles near Frankfurt-Wertheim-Castle

This beautiful and highly unusual castle is one of the most picturesque ruinous castles in the close vicinity of Frankfurt; it towers out of the craggy hill that it is perched upon and dominates the local skyline of Wertheim.

It was originally the domicile of the Counts of Wertheim before being partly destroyed in the year 1616 by a large explosion. Today, there are many cultural events that take place at the castle.

Where: Wertheim
When: 15th century
Style: Renaissance
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

9. Heidelberg Castle

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Heidelberg-Castle

Heidelberg Castle is one of Germany’s most beautiful and architecturally impressive structures; it represents the pinnacle of the German Renaissance and its focus on Gothic architectural features and ideals.

The castle was demolished in the 17th and 18th centuries, and has only partially been rebuilt since then; it towers above the Konigstuhl hillside and is completely idyllic.

The earliest castle was built in 1214 before being expanded into two castles in 1294.

Where: Heidelberg
When: 1214
Style: Gothic Renaissance
Open for visit: Yes. Check here for more information.

10. Würzburg Palace

Castles near Frankfurt-Würzburg-Palace

Built in the Austrian/South German Baroque style, Wurzburg Palace was built in the year 1720 and represents high culture of the era; it features jaw-droppingly beautiful interiors in the Baroque/Rococo style, as well as elements of Neoclassical architecture and artworks, including the grand staircase, the chapel, and the magnificent, unmissable Imperial Hall.

Since the year 1981, the castle has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visitors are attracted to its rich history and range of artistic styles.

Where: Wurzburg
When: 1720
Style: Baroque/Rococo
Open to visit: Yes, check here for more information.

11. Eltz Castle

Best castles near Frankfurt-Eltz-Castle

Nestled in the hills above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier lies Eltz Castle, a fantastic Medieval castle that captures the true romantic ideals attached to the period.

Construction on the original castle began in approximately 1157 and has, to this day, is owned by a branch of its original family, the Eltz family, that have lived there since the 12th century, meaning that a whopping 33 generations have lived there.

In the 19th century, the castle was renovated but made sure to keep intact much of the original architecture.

Where: Wierschem
When: 1157
Style: Romanesque and Baroque
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

12. Mespelbrunn Castle

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Mespelbrunn-Castle

This Late-Medieval to early Renaissance moated castle is located in the town of Mespelbrunn, which is nestled between Frankfurt and Wurzburg.

The castle is located in Bavaria, and encapsulates traditional German principles, and offers visitors a true insight into the past. It has so many fascinating features, many of which stem from different artistic eras, which gives it a truly unique feel.

It is the perfect place to escape to in order to experience some authentic culture, as opposed to the metropolis of Frankfurt.

Where: Mespelbrunn
When: 16th century
Style: Renaissance
Open for visit: Yes. For more information check here.

13. Castle of Friedberg

Castles near Frankfurt-Castle-of-Friedberg

Considered to be one of the largest complexes in the whole of Germany, the Castle of Friedberg is one of the most enchanting and encapsulating castles in the close vicinity of Frankfurt.

It was built in the 12th century, but unfortunately, there is nothing original left; there was a large amount of conflict in the city of Friedberg between the years 1272 and 1275, and much of the city was destroyed.

What visitors can see today is from the 14th to 16th centuries, though additions were added in later years.

Where: Friedberg
When: 12th century
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, click here for more information

14. Castle of Büdingen

Occupied since the year 1258 by over 20 different generations of the Ysenburgs, this castle is one of the most symbolic in the region.

There are a series of incredible features in the castle, such as the Gothic chapel with its carved choir stalls; the interior of the castle is just as magnificent as the outside, which is shaped inwards for protection purposes during its military days.

It is the perfect place to visit on a sunny afternoon and reveals some of Germany’s more traditional history, as opposed to the modern madness of Frankfurt.

Where: Budingen
When: 1258
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, for more information, check here.

15. Vollrads Castle

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Vollrads Castle

This castle has its roots as a wine estate in the Rheingau wine-growing region and was founded in the year 1330, meaning it has been producing wine for well over 800 years.

There is an incredibly rich and extensive history to Vollrads Castle, dating back to as far as the Roman times, as well as the year 983, whereby the land was donated by the Archbishop of Mainz, who invested in vine growing.

Today, visitors enjoy an array of events at the castle, including live summer music events and a public bar during harvest season.

Where: Oestrich-Winkel
When: 1330
Style: Renaissance
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

16. Castle Runkel

Castles near Frankfurt-Castle-Runkel

Dating back to the era of the High Middle Ages is Runkel Castle, a large ruinous hill castle in the city of Runkel, in the Limburg-Weilburg district of Hesse, Germany, a relatively short trip from the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt.

The castle has a very early history, dating back to the time of the Celts, whereby they named it ‘Run-kall’, meaning ‘rock mountain.’

The castle has a rich heritage and has been owned and occupied by an array of noblemen and royals, but today stands as a museum, whereby visitors can take a glimpse into the castle’s extensive and fascinating past.

Where: Runkel
When: 12th century
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, for more information, check here.

17. Castle Oranienstein

Best castles near Frankfurt-Castle-Oranienstein

Built on the ruins of Dierstein Abbey between the years 1672 and 1681 for Countess Albertine Agnes of Nassau, Castle Oranienstein is one of the palaces of the house of Orange-Nassau and is situated at Diez on the Lahn.

However, in the year 1866, the palace was granted to the Prussian army after the annexation of the Duchy of Nassau.

Today, visitors swarm to the castle due to its beautiful architecture; it is grand, powerful in appearance, and has some wonderful gardens that make for the perfect spot for an afternoon’s walk.

Where: Diez
When: 17th century
Style: Baroque
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

18. Castle Klopp

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Klopp-Castle

Situated in the town of Bingen am Rhein, Castle Klopp has a vast history, dating back to its original Roman fortification built by Nero Claudius Drusus in approximately 10 CE. A Medieval castle was built in the 13th century, and little of this castle remains today.

However, between 1875 and 1879, a new Gothic building was built on the original site and mirrors ideas of a romanticized, Medieval past, which to some looks as though it has jumped right out of a fairy-tale.

Since the year 1897, part of the castle has been used as the seat of government and mayoral residence.

Where: Bingen am Rhein
When: 13th century
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

19. Schloss Philippsruhe

Castles near Frankfurt-Schloss-Philippsruhe

This magnificently grand Baroque palace is located in the German town of Kesselstadt, which is in a suburb of Hanau, a stone’s throw away from Frankfurt.

The palace was built in the year 1701, with the purpose of being a summer residence for Graf Phillip Reinhard von Hanau-Lichtenberg, and bears a resemblance to a more French-style architecture.

It is situated on the banks of the river Main and has absolutely wonderful views of the surrounding scenery; visitors come to the castle to take a glimpse into the part, join in on fairy tale festivals, and wander around the nearby park.

Where: Kesselstadt
When: 1701
Style: Baroque
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

20. Kurfürstliche Burg Eltville (Electorate Castle)

Situated on the banks of the gorgeous Rhine River in the stunning Rheingau wine region is the spellbinding Eltville Electoral Castle.

The town of Eltville itself is the oldest town in the region, and the castle was built in the year 1330 by Balduin von Trier but was not completed until 1350 by Heinrich von Virneburg.

Today, there is a wonderful Rose Garden embedded into the castle’s grounds and several courtyards, which are draw-droppingly beautiful in the summer months.

Where: Rheingau
When: 1330
Style: Early Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

21. Landgrave Castle

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Landgrave-Castle

The Landgrave castle of Melsung was built between the years 1550 to 1557 and was originally built as a hunting lodge for Landgrave Philipp the Magnanimous.

It has changed its role over the years; for example, between the years 1627 and 1632, the castle was the seat of Landgrave Moritz the Scholar. Today, the castle serves as the administrative office of the district court and the tax office.

There are many things to see, including the Palace Garden with its old stock of trees, and the castle pond, as well as aspects of the old town wall.

Where: Melsung
When: 1550 – 1557
Style: Renaissance
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

22. Castle Kronberg

Castles near Frankfurt-Castle-Kronberg

Built between the years 1889 and 1893 for the dowager German Empress Victoria, the Castle Kronberg is located in Kronberg im Taunus, which is just a short journey away from Frankfurt.

The primary architect of the castle was Ernst Von Ihne, who was also the royal architect to an array of different royals, including Frederick III.

Today, the castle has been renovated into a five-star hotel, which is absolutely stunning; it is grand and bold and has elements of regal architecture to it.

Where: Kronberg im Taunus
When: 1889 – 1893
Style: Neo-Gothic
Open for visit: Not open for visitors as it is now a hotel.

23. Münzenberg Castle

Best Castles in Germany Munzenberg-Castle

Nestled upon a luscious green hill in the town of Munzenberg lies the Munzenberg castle, which is a ruinous castle dating back to the 12th century.

The castle boasts two striking tall defensive towers, which dominate the skyline of the town and emphasize a sense of military power.

This is the perfect place to visit when visiting Frankfurt, as the town itself is lovely, the castle is bursting with history dating back to the High Middle Age period, and it also offers beautiful views of the surrounding scenery.

Where: Munzenberg
When: 12th century
Style: Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

24. Eppstein Castle

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Eppstein-Castle

Located in the mountain ridge in the Taunus lies Castle Eppstein, a beautiful fortification that dates back to the 12th century.

Today, the castle is largely ruined, but it offers absolutely gorgeous views of the town below, as well as the nearby Bremthal.

This is the perfect place to visit in the Frankfurt region and the ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, as it offers an array of cultural events, such as open-air theatre festivals, as well as enactments.

Where: Eppstein
When: 12th century
Style: Early Medieval
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

25. Schloss Heusenstamm

Castles near Frankfurt-Schloss-Heusenstamm

Built in the year 1297 after surviving the damage involved in the Reformation period, Schloss Heusenstamm is a true symbol of German heritage and perseverance.

Aside from many of Germany’s castles that are often beautifully designed and are architecturally phenomenal, this castle is a little bit more subtle and understated, and guests are invited to look at its interior and history as opposed to just its façade and exterior.

Where: Heusenstamm
When: 1297
Style: Renaissance
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

26. Rumpenheimer Schloss

Best castles near Frankfurt-Rumpenheimer-Schloss

This gorgeous complex of buildings is located on the banks of the stunning river Main and is enveloped by a magnificent park.

It’s heritage dates way back to the 12th century, but unfortunately, the ruins of the castle were badly damaged during the second world war, and a lot of its furniture and original features were looted.

Back in its glory days, it hosted an array of special guests, including Greek princes, Danish kings, as well as the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.

Where: Rumpenheimer
When: 12th-century origins
Style: Baroque
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

27. Burg Königstein

Famous Castles near Frankfurt-Burgruine-Königstein

Towering proudly above the village of Königstein in the Taunus region of Germany, which is just a mere stone’s throw away from Frankfurt, lies the Burgruine Königstein.

The castle dates back to the 12th century, and although it is merely ruined now, it hosts an array of different festivals throughout the spring and summer months, including a Medieval festival every spring. This is the perfect place to visit for an afternoon to peek into the region’s past.

Where: Königstein
When: 12th century
Style: Medieval ruins
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

28. Schloss Biebrich

Castles near Frankfurt-Schloss-Biebrich

This Baroque residence is located in the borough of Biebrich in the city of Wiesbaden, which is located in Hesse, a short journey away from Frankfurt.

Construction on the palace started in the year 1702 and was designed by the famous architect Julius Ludwig Rothweil; over the years, the castle has changed hands a multitude of times, and has undergone a large range of renovations and revamps.

Today, visitors swarm to the palace to stroll across its wonderful grounds, and to explore into some of Germany’s finest heritage.

Where: Biebrich
When: 1702
Style: Baroque
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

29. Schloss Braunshardt

Best castles near Frankfurt-Schloss-Braunshardt

Often noted as a jewel of rococo architecture, Schloss Braunshardt is highly picturesque and incredibly architecturally impressive.

It boasts load and bold colors, which have appealed to many regal guests, including Prussia’s Queen Luise and Britain’s Queen Victoria. Today, the castle is often used primarily as a venue for an array of events, such as weddings, conferences, and parties.

It also offers a stunning garden with an array of different flora and fauna, as well as hosting events throughout the warmer months.

Where: Braunshardt
When: 17th century
Style: Rococo
Open for visit: Yes, check here for more information.

FAQ’s about The Best Castles Near Frankfurt

What are the best castles near Frankfurt?

The best castles near Frankfurt include Eltz Castle in Wierschem, Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Auerbach Castle in Auerbach, Castle Steinau in Steinau, Schloss Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg, and Castle Diez in Diez.

What is the most beautiful castle near Frankfurt?

One of the most beautiful castles near Frankfurt is Heidelberg Castle. It represents the pinnacle of the German Renaissance and offers impressive architecture, as well as beautiful Gothic elements.

What is the closest castle to Frankfurt, Germany?

The closest castle to Frankfurt is the Saalburg Roman Fort which is only 30 minutes away from Frankfurt. The Fort is nestled in the stunning Taunus mountains and was originally built 2000 years ago.


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