Best Castle Hotels in Germany

Best Castle hotels in Germany

When you think of European castles, you probably immediately think of quaint medieval towns in the Bavarian countryside. While Bavaria certainly has its share of castles, there are many more situated across all of Germany that are worth exploring. But why only explore a castle when you can spend the night in one? Some of … Read more

Ludwigsburg Palace, Germany

Also known as Schloss Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg Palace is an enormous palace complex situated in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. Consisting of 452 rooms spread across 18 buildings, the palace sits in a 79-acre estate featuring lush gardens, making it the largest palatial estate in Germany. As a result, it has been nicknamed ‘the Versailles of Swabia’. … Read more

Best Castle Hotels in Wales

Best Castle hotels in Wales

Wales is by no means a large country, but packed into every square mile there seems to be a wealth of historical sites – churches, abbeys, remnants of ancient villages. One thing that the UK has in spades, whether restored or in ruins, is castles. For most of us, castles are something we may never … Read more

Best Castle Hotels in Scotland

In a country like Scotland, with its rich and romantic history of kings, queens, clans, and battles, you’d be surprised at how many castles are still standing in this beautiful land. Many have been reduced to ruins, but just as many have been restored to their former glory. As a visitor, you can even stay … Read more

A Guide to Doune Castle in Scotland – Outlander Filming Location

Doune Castle or Castle Leoch

Standing 8 miles north-west of the town of Stirling in Scotland, Doune Castle is a medieval fortification on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Reaching its present form in the late 14th century, Doune reflects contemporary ideas of what a royal castle should be, with ranges of buildings surrounding a central courtyard. The castle saw … Read more

Kronborg Castle, Hamlet’s Castle in Denmark

Best Denmark Castles Kronborg Hamlet's Castle

Standing in the town of Helsingør on the northeastern tip of the Danish island of Zealand, Kronborg castle is a Renaissance fortification that defends the strategic sound of Øresund, a body of water between Denmark and Sweden which is only 2.5 miles wide at its narrowest point. Kronborg is the setting for William Shakespeare’s play … Read more

Achillion Palace in Corfu

Achillion Palace in Corfu

The Achillion Palace (also spelled as Achilleion) is a palace in Gastouri, on the Greek island of Corfu. The Achillion’s other name, the ‘Sisi Palace’, derives from its original owner – it was constructed for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, whose nickname was ‘Sisi’. Today, this magnificent palace functions as a museum run by the Greek … Read more

Rooms in a Medieval Castle

Medieval castles were undeniably powerful defensive fortifications, designed to protect a territory from attack by enemy forces, but they also had a domestic function. As the seat of power for lords and monarchs, medieval castles were often large enough to house a considerable staff, as well as members of the court and important guests. As … Read more